Flower Show & Competition

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Harbour Rose Flowers
  • Sunday, August 7th
    Registration from 11AM - 12PM
    Show runs from 12PM - 5PM

  • Heritage Centre

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Age Groups:
Beginner: Ages 5 and Under
Intermediate: Ages 6 to 10
Senior: Ages 11 to 16



1 ALL flowers and greenery MUST be from a garden, personal or neighbor or from a natural source. Please have permission where needed. NO specimens can be purchased from a flower store or department in a grocery store. Containers, and anything non growing can be purchased from the above stores as an addition to the flowers/greenery used in the arrangement.

2. Youth are encouraged to be the designer of their arrangement with minimal assistance from an adult.

3. Exhibitors may only place one entry per category.

4. All exhibits will be placed at the owner's risk, though every effort will be made to protect the entries.

5. Each exhibitor is responsible (with parent's assistance) for submitting to one of the registers a list of their entries with the category named. This will ensure all entries are registered in a timely manner and correctly placed.

6. All exhibits must be registered between 11 AM & 12 NOON. All enteries and exhibitors must stay at the show until the end at 5PM

7. Judging will take place after all entries are entered after 12 noon. Awards will be presented at 3PM.

8. Exhibitors should know the names of flowers they are presenting in their arrangement and be able to describe or talk about the making of their arrangement.

Some allowances will be shown to beginner level if they are too shy and need some assistance from their parent.




  1. Playtime: An arrangement using a toy as a container.

  2. At the Beach: An arrangement using shells, driftwood, grasses, etc. from the beach.

  3. Just for Fun: An arrangement that the child makes for fun... any flowers and container.

  4. A fairy Garden: An arrangement for Tinker Bell.

  5. Fill Your Boots: An arrangement made in a Rubber Boot of their size.



  1. My Way: A random arrangement the entrant puts together... flowers, containers and accents.

  2. By the Bay: An arrangement using items and flowers found at the beach... driftwood, wild flowers, grasses, sea shells, etc.

  3. Tea Time: An arrangement made with a tea cup and saucer.

  4. Fill Your Boots: An arrangement made in a rubber boot of their size.

  5. A Miniature: The arrangement measurement is to measure no more that 5 inches in height, width or length.



  1. Miniature in a Sea Shell: The container and arrangement measurements cannot exceed 5 inches in height, length or width. It's components must be from the beach.

  2. Good Housekeeping: An arrangement that is made using an item for the container from the kitchen. Examples include pots, strainers, dishes, gravy boats, etc. Imagination is the key.

  3. Local Heritage: Theme: Maud Lewis. The arrangement is to incorporate either a container or another component that would be associated with Maud Lewis. Information and ideas can be found at the Admiral Digby Museum for inspirations of what to use.

  4. Fill Your Boots: An arrangement in a rubber boot of entrants size.

  5. Fishing for a Flower: An arrangement that shows an influence of scallop, lobster, or fishing industry.




Prizes awarded will be:

1st , 2nd, and 3rd place for each entry

Best overall for each age category

Participation ribbons for all non placing entries.



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