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Digby Scallop Days Queen 2016

Taylor Barnaby

Taylor Barnaby - Princess Lavena's Catch Cafe

My name is Taylor Barnaby. I am the daughter of Amy Barnaby and Jeff Outhouse. I live in Freeport and I just graduated from Islands Consolidated School. Throughout high school I participated in many clubs and organizations like: Me-to-We, Gulf of Maine Institute, Student Advisory Council, basketball, volleyball, 4h and Encounters with Canada. I have also been a part of my school's student council and during my grade 12 year acted as president. I have always had a passion for the area in which I live and have volunteered in beach sweep and other local projects to keep my community clean and beautiful. In September I will be attending Mount Saint Vincent University for Public Relations and I hope to take my passion for helping others with me.

The Digby Scallop Days Queen Leadership Competition is an annual event taking place the days leading up to and including the Digby Scallop Days Festival. Eligible candidates compete for the title of Digby Scallop Days Queen for the opportunity to represent the Town and Municipality of Digby and it's citizens. Eligible candidates are evaluated through: submitted resume, personal interviews, public speaking opportunities and documented community interests. Candidates are judged on: personality, intelligence, clarity, maturity, poise, and overall demonstrated representative behavior.  

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