Former Digby Scallop Days Queens

Scallop Days Queen 2016

Princess Lavenna's Catch

Taylor Barnaby

Taylor Barnaby

Over this past year I have had the honor of reigning over Digby County as the 2016 Scallop Day Queen and as it comes to an end I find myself reflecting on the opportunities this experience has offered me. I would first like to start by thanking some of the people who made this possible. I would like to thank my child attendants, Jocelyn Crocker and Maddox Barnaby, Cheryl Forest, Susan Rice, and Brianna Walker for guiding me in the right direction over the past year, Digby Scallop Days committee, the Municipality of Digby for sponsoring me in the 85th Apple blossom Leadership competition, community members who have showed me nothing but support, and my family for helping me through this busy year. Having a crown on your head and being able to dress up in fancy clothes can be seen as the best part of this experience, but truly the best part is one’s development of leadership skills, the push to step out of your comfort zone, and the development of communication skills. Being a leader is something that is become more important now than ever. Behavioral theorists say Leaders are made not born; one becomes a leader through teaching, observation, and experience. That is exactly what this competition does. It teaches young adults to become strong, respectful, and passionate advocates for their area through observation and teaching of past leaders and respected community members while also providing an opportunity for practice and recognition for their hard work. Because of this, I feel very passionately about the continuation of this leadership competition in the Digby and I am excited to see future representatives for Digby county have the same experience as me as it was an honor for me to represent Digby as Scallop Day Queen 2016.

Taylor Barnaby

Scallop Days Queen 2015

Princess Bruce GM Digby

Brianna Walker

Brianna Walker

As my reign as Scallop Queen 2015 comes to an end and I reflect on the past year I realize how truly blessed I have been to be able to represent this beautiful town I call home. It has been a year filled with many new experiences, new friendships and wonderful memories. I have had the privilege to attend many community events as a representative of Digby as well as numerous parades from Clare to New Minas with each one being an opportunity for me to learn and grow in areas such as public speaking and self confidence. One of the highlights of my year was representing the Municipality of Digby at the 84th annual Apple Blossom Festival and I would like to say a big thank you to Linda Gregory and the municipality for giving me that opportunity. It was an amazing week and an experience that I will never forget. Of course I couldn’t have made it through this busy year without the help of so many wonderful people. To Cheryl Forrest, Susan Rice, Mayor Ben Cleveland and the Scallop Days committee, thank you for all of your help this past year as well as the many hours you put into making this festival so special every year. To my parents and sister, thank you for the drives, the support and the love. And finally to the people of Digby, thank you for all of the kind words and encouragement I have gotten from so many of you throughout the year, it has truly meant the world to me. It was an honor for me to represent Digby as Scallop Days Queen 2015.


Brianna Walker

Scallop Days Queen 2014

Princess Digby Fire Department

Courtney Doucette

Courtney Doucette

Courtney Doucette is the 18 year old daughter of Lillian Graham-Doucette and Rene Doucette. Courtney graduated Digby Regional High School with Honours along with the Math for the Workplace 12 Award in 2014. Courtney has won the Canada Poster Challenge twice in her age division. Courtney plans on attending Cosmetology school in the spring of 2015. Some of Courtney's interests include painting, music, photography, babysitting and travelling. Courtney has volunteered in the past throughout her community; as the Scallop Days Photographer in 2012 and 2013, and as an active member of the Digby Fire Department since 2012. Courtney would like to thank the Digby Fire Department for their sponsorship and giving her the opportunity to take part in this event.  

Scallop Days Queen 2013

Megan Hersey

Megan Hersey

Scallop Days Queen 2012

Princess DARC

Sarah Tibbetts

Sarah Tibbetts

Sarah Tibbetts is the 18 year old daughter of Roger and Beth Tibbetts. Sarah graduated from Digby Regional High School in June 2012. Through high school Sarah participated in soccer, basketball and track and field. She was also very involved in student council and grad committee. In the fall of 2012, Sarah plans to attend Acadia University to obtain her Bachelor of Kinesiology. She then plans to move on in her studies and take Physiotherapy. Sarah is sponsored by Digby Area Recreation Centre.

2011 - Alyssa Oliver

2010 - Sydnee Leblanc

2009 - Josie Zakhour

2008 - Chaylene Sarty

2007 - Amanda Walker

2006 - Tess Thurbur

2005 - Jennifer Joyce

2004 - Vanessa Pully

2003 - Cheri Kelly

2002 - Nicole Lewis

2001 - Deidre Longmire

2000 - Jolene Titus

1999 - Cara Haynes

1998 - Janel Casey

1997 - Amy Raymond

1996 - Jocelyn Outhouse

1995 - Giselle Boudreau

1994 - Leslie Woolaver

1993 - Karen Vantassel

1992 - Katherine Naismith

1991 - Tanya Bell

1990 - Carolee Buckler

1989 - Jennifer Theriault

1988 - Juanita johnson

1987 - Joanna Johnson

1986 - Janace Theriault

1985 - Amy Thurlow

1984 - Kathleen MacNeill

1983 - Christine Abbott

1982 - Jacqueline Cromwell

1981 - Mary Lou Jayne

1980 - Kathleen Troupe


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