As with any great festival, vendors are a big part of it.  Whether you are looking for handmade made jewelry, unique crafts and creations or just want to take care of a craving that only street food can satisfy, there is something here for everyone.

Vendors shown are from 2016.

Please only use this as a reference until our vendors for 2017 are confirmed.

Digby Scallop Days Vendors 2016

  • The Donut Guyz

    Since 2009 we have been providing fresh made, bite size donuts.We take great pride in a quality product and customer service.

  • Dash Cafe

    Breakfast, Lunch and Coffee

  • The Cool Bus

    Various Food Items

  • Manzer's Susages


  • Sea Farmers

    The Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia is proud to support Digby Scallop Days. Come join the Sea Farmers at our booth and learn about Aquaculture and sample quality seafood from across Nova Scotia.

  • Valerie's smoothies


  • Louie's Carnival Treats

    We are a carnival food concessionary, providing traditional fare such as jumbo hot dogs, sausages, nachos cheese, cotton candy, candy apples, popcorn and snow cones.

  • Nanny and Papa's Crafts

    Wishing Wells, Arches, Primitive, Outdoor furniture, Etc

  • K-cell

    Otterbox, lifeproof, Lunatics hybird cases screen savers. And lots more.

  • South Hill Designs


  • Kidz Corner Toys/Scentsy

    kids Toys, Clothing, Leggings and Scentsy

  • Comfy Quilts

    Quilts, wall hangings, table runners, tea towels, pot holders, homemade crafts, crochet hats, slippers, baby quilts, and various crafts.

  • Jewelry in Candles

    Candles and tarts/melts with hidden jewelry.

  • Jeunesse Global

    Display of Jeunesse Global products and Product demos of skin care products, Instantly Ageless and Luminesce.

  • Gallery & Art Designs by Clow

    Hand paintings, reproductions, and photographs, framed and unframed and Christmas bulbs.

  • Luis Males

    Hand made bracelets, jewelry, sunglasses , dresses.

  • East Coast Lifestyle

    Full clothing Popup Shop - $25 Tees, Hats , Tanks - $50 Hoodies

  • R. Warner Woodworking

    Rustic and Primitive Inspired Country Home furnishings and Decor

  • Creations by Nancy


  • Willow Sky Photography

    Photography Services; pets, landscapes and more

  • Bree's Soap

    Soap and related products made from all plant based oils, butters and additives

  • Bay Bags


  • JK Appearal

    Leggings you'll love!

  • Fundy Stained Glass and Dream Catchers

    Dream catchers and stained glass Locally made and shipped anywhere.

  • Annapolis Highland Vineyards

    Our passion for European vinifera and commitment to high quality wines has led to many awards, reflecting the skill of our team and our devotion to the craft of winemaking. 

  • JR's Log Creations

    Custom built rustic log furniture

  • Pine to Products

    Locally made crafts

  • Octopus Garden


  • Rainbows End Books and Discs

    We sell a variety of items including Comic Books, Sport and Non Sport Cards, Toys, Records, DVD's, CD's, Games, Board Games, Graphic Novels, Manga, Books, VHS and more


  • Deana's Creations



  • Ninth Star Beads & Reeds



  • Dumptas Den Designs

    I have been a collector of vintage jewelry most of my life, I also make custom pieces that are ordered by individual people, huge selection of semi, and precious stones, crystals, the list is endless. I make custom beaded curtains,Harbour pieces too.


  • Bath Fitters

    Premium quality acrylic tubs and walls are custom made to ensure a perfect watertight fit and are installed right over your existing tub and wall in as little as one day. Enjoy the remodel with no messy, disruptive demolition work. What's more, all Bath Fitter products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 


  • I.T.P. Travel


  • Beavers gifts


  • Arbonne


  • Barbara Lynn's Gifts


  • Coco's Jewelery

    Stainless Steel biker Rings and other...Women's Jewelry(bracelets ,necklaces ,sterling silver rings ect) jewelry (rings,necklaces ect..)..Men's watches ,chains ...African instruments

  • Scentsy by Tamara Robicheau


  • Marilyn Mullen Quilts


  • Martiny Jewels


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